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Pameran Karya dan Sejarah Kemahasiswaan ITB – #PKSK ITB

2 Oct

Sunday. The day which I can freely do what I want.. So this afternoon I choose to take a look some of my picture which I took a while ago.

And here’s what I found!

Some picture of ‘Artistical and Historical Exhibition’ of Bandung Insitute of Technology’s Campus Life. The exhibition was presented by PROKM ITB’s crew and LFM ITB, held on August 11th 2011 at CC Barat Building ITB.

I can see so many innovative creation that ITB’s students made (like Hexapod Robot, River Osmosis Unit, Prototype of Rocket, etc)  and the campus’ historical. I saw the ITB’s cultural too (like ‘arak-arakan wisuda’, ospek, etc) on the photo below..

Of course I really enjoy the exhibition! 🙂

Death Waltz, Amazing video tutorial to try on ur Piano!

1 Oct

Just play the video.

And you will find something that really hard to play on Piano..
I wonder how if there r really exist someone who can play this Death Waltz…