21 Aug
Bandung Institute of Technology in cooperation with Toyohashi University of Tecnology
International University Exchange Seminar 2011
Toward a Safer and Sustainable Future: A Disaster Risk Reduction
19th-24th September 2011
Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
Call for Participation
The International University Exchange Seminar will provide an opportunity to students to discuss and understand about the need for risk reduction, is perhaps the most important issue facing the human race and life on this planet. The International University Exchange Seminar will also reflect on how the students can work towards a sustainable and disaster risk free future? How can the students assist vulnerable communities to reduce the impact of natural and human-induced hazards? How can networks be forged among youth from different nationalities across the globe to bring about positive change? How can development and environment be reconciled? These are some of the issues that will be highlighted at the workshop.
The objectives of this International University Exchange Seminar are:

1.      Through lectures, interactive sessions and the exploration of case studies participants will develop an understanding of :

a.       Current disaster issues and how impacts can be overcome through disaster risk reduction
b.      The important role for youth in driving change

2.      Enable peer-to-peer learning and allow participants to explore issues from their local context with international colleagues
3.      Build new networks and develop youth based risk reduction initiatives.

Application Criteria:
  • ·         Student of Bandung Institute of Technology, Bachelor degree or Master degree.
  • ·         Have a good understanding of the theme and the relevant policies in their respective countries.
  • ·         Proficient in English and able to do presentations in English, is a must.
  • ·         Possess good communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to solve problems through adaptability and flexibility.
  • ·         Motivated to improve the lives of others through their actions and work.
  • ·         Capable and willing to share experiences and resources with others in the community.
  • ·         Willing and be able to participate actively for the whole duration of the project
Application Submission
You can download the application form here: The deadline of application is August 16th 2011. Please email your application to  Early applications are encouraged to ensure the timely processing of some arrangements.
Upon receiving of the application forms a Selection Committee will review all the applications and select the most deserving participant.
For more information please contact:
Pribasari Damayanti
Phone. +6285624391999

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