Join JAYSES 2011 (Japan-Asia Young Scientist and Engineer Study Visit)

13 Jun

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, presents JAYSES 2011 (Japan-Asia Young Scientist and Engineer Study Visit 2011).



Joint study trip program for the students from member universities of JAYSES in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam. The participants will learn how the Japanese technology and methodology are applied to the practical stage and effect Asian society in various aspects and also study about close relation among Japan and Asian countries.




21-30 AUGUST 2011



1. Observation: Thai/Japanese companies, JICA Projects, government organizations (Department of Intellectual Property),educational facilities (member universities of JAYSES), research institute, etc.

2. Discussion: Separate into several groups according to topics and exchange opinion and share idea among students. (Students from Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan and neighboring countries)

3. Presentation: Each group should make presentation of conclusion of the discussion.


[Merits for the participants]

1) Can establish network with Japanese and neighboring countries students

2) Can learn the relation among Asian countries through private investment or Official Development Assistance (ODA)

3) Can be awarded the certificate of official participation by the Executive Vice President of Tokyo Tech.

4) Can collect useful information about studying in Japan especially at Tokyo Tech.



1. Participant should have proper ability to communicate in written and spoken English.

2. Participant should attend at least 3 days of site observation visits and 1 day of discussion (Student Forum).  The certificate will be awarded at the Final Presentation Session on 29 August 2011 (Mon).  The detailed schedule will be announced after confirmation.

3. Open only for students year 2008 and 2009



Applicants should download, fill up, and e-mail the application form to JAYSES Working Committee (JWC) by the deadline 20th June 2011 (23:59 JST*). For further information and the application form, please open JAYSES Official Website


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