Environmental Technology and Management Seminar 2011

13 Jun


This conference, previously called Environmental Technology and Management Seminar (ETMS) held every 4 year, will bring together policy makers, scientists, engineers and field expertise in environmental technology and management. The focus will be on current and future local, regional and global environmental issues.
Why change? The growing number of participants and expertise and, hence, scientific content of ETMS, held in 1997, 2002 and 2006, require the change to Environmental Technology and Management Conference (ETMC).
The objectives of the conference are:

  • To provide a platform for exchange of ideas, information and experience among stakeholders.
  • To promote collaboration and networking among stakeholders.
  • To discuss and evaluate latest approaches, innovative technologies, policies and new directions in environmental issues.

The conference will provide opportunities for Policy Makers; Scientists; Engineers; Academics; Environmental Consultants; Environmental Contractors; Businessmen; Politicians; NGOs; Undergraduate and Graduate Students; Individuals. In particular the topics listed below will constitute the main themes of ETMC-2011 “Present and Future Challenges in Environmental Sustainability”:

  • Climate change:  mitigation, risk management and adaptation
  • Advances in environmental technology: environmental  biotechnology, gasification, pyrolysis, advanced oxidation process, advanced air quality control, membrane technology
  • Green Cities: green infrastructure, solid waste management, water supply, wastewater treatment and environmental health
  • Natural resources management: farming, mining, water resources, air quality, environmental risk analysis and management
  • Eco-Industries: cleaner production and pollution prevention, Safety Health and Environment

Schedule and Deadlines:

  1. Abstract submission: July 1, 2011
  2. Notification of acceptance: July 15, 2011
  3. Full paper submission: September 15, 2011

Instruction to submit an abstract paper:
E-mail an abstract (max. 500 words) to etmc2001@…. Please indicate the session number and your name and affiliation in the submission.
Registration fee:
•    Before August 31, 2011:
o    Indonesian Citizen: IDR 400,000
o    Developing Countries: USD 150
o    Developed Countries: USD 250
•    After August 31, 2011:
o    Indonesian Citizen: IDR 600,000
o    Developing Countries: USD 200
o    Developed Countries: USD 300
o    Local Student: IDR 200,000
o    Foreign Student: USD 150
Please make a registration from the conference website.

CP: etmc2011@…
For more infor: http://www.etmc-2011.org/

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