Exciting Student Competetion from MOL Group

24 Mar

On behalf of one of our newest alliance members, MOL Group – a leading integrated oil and gas company in Central & Eastern Europe, we encourage student teams from around the world to participate in their on-line competition called Freshhh. We share their interest in encouraging and supporting students to become more familiar with the oil and gas business. The closing date is 28th March, so please act quickly.

A message from the ‘freshhh2011’ Support Team to students:

The ‘freshhh2011’ on-line rounds will introduce students to the exciting world of the oil and gas industry for the 5th time since 2007!

Register until 28th March at:  http://www.freshhh.net/team_registration

Form a 3-member team and compete for valuable prices:

·         Prize money Euro 20,000, plus

·         The possibility of a free place in our “growww2011” Fresh Graduate Programme!

For more information, visit our website: www.freshhh.net

If you have any enquiry, write to us: molfreshhh@gmail.com

Have fun and good luck!

The ‘freshhh2011’ Support Team


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